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New ATNS Working Paper: Transparency in Resource Agreements with Indigenous People in Australia

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The ATNS Project has released its fourth working paper in its working paper series. Transparency in Resource Agreements with Indigenous People in Australia, written by ATNS team members Miranda Stewart, Maureen Tehan and Emille Boulot, examines transparency requirements in agreement making with Indigenous People. In particular, this working paper examines the various types of resource payments provided to Indigenous entities or individuals, under a variety of types of agreements made by Indigenous peoples with resource companies, and/or governments.


The working paper examines the transparency in these agreements and finds that there are minimal or no public disclosure requirements for most types of resource payments in Australia. The paper does note however that there is a spectrum of legal requirements for public disclosure and transparency of resource payments made to Indigenous people. The different entities and agreements under which resource payments are made are organised along a spectrum of transparency from those agreements or entities with the greatest amount of publicly available information, to those agreements which are least transparent.

To obtain a copy of the working paper, click here or visit the working paper page.