Respondent(s) in a native title or related case before the Federal Court of Australia.
A number of commercial fishing authority holders
Adam, Noel A.
Adelaide Brighton Cement Limited
Al Moller-Nielson and Others
Alan William Fennell
Alfonz Nagyszollosi and Mary M Nagyszollosi
Alison Newbold
Aloca of Australia Ltd
Andrew Alan Marshall
Andrew Trevor Clarke
Annette Kogolo and others on behalf of the Ngurrara People
Anthony Baptist Bettini et al
Arnifried Brendecke
Australian Red Cross
Barry Ehrke
Barry John Hoare
Barry Wilson
Beebe, James William
Bernadette Elizabeth Giles
Beverley Anne Kingsley, Howard Albert Kingsley, Stephen Roy Struber, David Leslie Westaway, Donald George Westaway, Helen Margaret Westaway, John William Westaway, Leslie Westaway and Dianne Rose Wilson-Struber
BGC Contracting Pty Ltd
Billiton Aluminium (RRA) Pty Ltd
Billiton Aluminium (Worsley) Pty Ltd
Bluegate Nominees Pty Ltd
Bob Lamacchia
Boral Resources (WA) Ltd
Brenda Mary Withers, David Wooldridge Withers, Lyn Battle and Thomas William Battle
Brent Pearson
Bruce Rose
Cameron Clive Quartermaine and Doreen Ruth Quartermaine 
Cameron Stuart Maclean and Michelle Margaret Maclean 
Carl Daguiar
Christopher Bodney
City of Armadale
City of Bayswater
City of Belmont
City of Canning
City of Fremantle
City of Gosnells
City of Joondalup
City of Melville
City of Nedlands
City of Perth
City of South Perth
City of Stirling
City of Subiaco
City of Wanneroo
Clayton Campbell Hannigan
Clinch, Michael J.
Clinch, Michael; Clinch, Norman; and Geoffrey McKenzie
Clinch, Norman A.
Cockburn Cement Ltd
Colin Ray Barden and others
Costello, David
Danny George Brownlow
Darcy Thomas Byrnes and others
Digby Giles
Dolly Walker
Doral Mineral Sands Pty Ltd
Dorita Ann Bounghi
Dorrington Marine Services/Yennett Pty Ltd
Duff, Garry; Millward, Mark; and Moore, Raymond
Dunn, Robert William
Eddie Holroyd
Edith Cowan University
Errol Leonard Thomas, Andrew Miller and Adrian Clive Murray
Evolution Outdoors Pty Ltd
Far North Queensland Electricity Corporation
Fremantle Port Authority
Fremantle Sailing Club Inc
Fuller, Douglas Clarence
Garry and Michelle Riggs
Garry Michael Schiffke
Gary David Christopher
Geoffrey Featherstone
Gordon Keith Lillecrapp and others
Green, Roger
Greg Hook and other commercial fishers
Gregory Leigh Binder and others
Guiseppe Masasso
Guy Stewart and Beverley Joan Bruce
Hart, Edward
Hart, Elizabeth
Harvey, Robert
Hedges Gold Pty Ltd
Herbert Hurst
Herbert James Robinson
Iris Anderson and Others
Jacqueline Spokes
James, David and James, Jennifer
John Ernest Lynch 
John Henry Keighran
John McKenzie
Joyce Harding Ahlers, George Donald Ahlers and Stephen Joy Struber
Karen Scudder
Kenneth Harvey and Andrew Harvey
Kerri-Ann Fennell
Kevin Drinkell
Kevin Miller
Lacaze, Robert Charles
Larry and Pamela Hudson
Larry Hudson
Lee, Thomas V and Hewlett, Doretta
Levers, Sonny
Limestone Resources Australia Pty Ltd
Lucia Edith Schiffke
Lyndavale Pty Ltd
M G Kailis Holdings Pty Ltd
Margaret Janace Waring
Mark Millward
Mark Willis
Marla and Districts Progress Association
Mary Kathleen Dixon
Mary Yarmirr and Others
McKenzie, Geoffrey Donald
Merluna Cattle Station
Minister for Lands for the State of New South Wales
Murray Trevor Hill
NHL Pty Ltd
Nicholas Cooke and Alice Smith on behalf of the Innawonga and Bunjima Peoples
Nicholas John Kostowski
Noel and Ken Lollback
Noongar Land Council Aboriginal Corporation
Nutley, Douglas D.
Nutley, Douglas D.
Odette Catherine Phillpot
Optus Mobile Pty Ltd
Optus Networks Pty Ltd
Other [Fifth] Respondents in Dauan People v State of Queensland
Other [Fifth] Respondents in Saibai People v State of Queensland
Other [Fourth] Respondents in Clarrie Smith v State of Western Australia
Other [Third] Respondents in Clarrie Smith v State of Western Australia
Owen Rankine
Paul Grunske
Paul Zlotkowski
Pedersen, Alan and Karen
Perth Diocesan Trustees
Peter Jackson
Peter Jorg Pahlke
Peter Tonon
Phillip George Tyrell
Phyllis Thomas and Others on behalf of the Mantjintjarra and Ngalia Peoples
Plath, John
Quadrio Resources Pty Ltd
Ralph Delacey
Raymond Moore
Raymond Waring
Raymond William Murphy and Pamela Grace Murphy
Richard Laurence Jones
Richard Matthew Price
Robert and Marie Turner
Robert Briggs
Robert Bruce Lowden
Robert George Giddins
Robert John Fraser
Robert John Wallace
Robert Stefan John Standen
Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth
Rosendale, Len
Roxie Narelle and Keith James Holzwart
Russell David O'Doherty
Shane Stephen Mills
Shire of Chittering
Shire of Kalamunda
Shire of Mundaring
Shire of Northam
Shire of Peppermint Grove
Shire of Swan
South Australian Apiarists Association
State of Western Australia, Bagden Pty Ltd, Bambi Pty Ltd & Ors (respondent parties)
Steven Macdonald
Stockwell, Beverley
Stockwell, Thomas
Stratton, Oliver J
Tenth to fortieth pastoral respondents - Alma Atkinson to Roselyn Vains
Terry Anne Rogers
The Public Trustee of Queensland as Executor of the Estate Of Donald Cyprian Murray (Deceased)
The Shell Company of Australia Ltd
Thomas George Henry Stockwell and Beverley Ellen Stockwell
Tiwest Joint Venture
Tony Boyd
Town of Bassendean
Town of Cambridge
Town of Claremont
Town of Cottesloe
Town of East Fremantle
Town of Mosman Park
Town of Victoria Park
Town of Vincent
Tronox Western Australia Pty Ltd
Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (WA)
Vernon John Goodyear
Ward, Peter Graeme
Warren Melvyn Arms
Wesfarmers Kleenheat Gas Pty Ltd
Wesfarmers Premier Coal Ltd
Withers, John W and Dibley, Garry A
Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd
Yalgoo Minerals Pty Ltd

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