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Nanum Tawap Limited (NTL)

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Aboriginal Corporation
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Summary Information:
Nanum Tawap Ltd (NTL) is located in Napranum, which neighbours Weipa, in west Cape York, far north Queensland. NTL, incorporated on 9 July 2002, is 'the main business enterprise representing the interest of the community of Napranum in several business enterprises'. The object of NTL is 'to pursue business activities in the Napranum area that will benefit the Traditional Owners of Napranum & the Napranum Indigenous Community'. The ownership and board of NTL include Traditional Owners and the Napranum Council.

The aims of NTL include:
- Promoting econimic development of the Napranum Community;
- Increasing employment in the Napranum area;
- Developing business opportunities for members of the Napranum Indigenous Community; and
- Developing the skills of members of the Napranum Indigenous community.

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