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Ngadju People

Category: People
Sub Category:Native Title Claimants (registered)
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Summary Information:

The Ngadju People are Native Title holders over determined land in Western Australia. They are identified as those Aboriginal persons who are:

1) the biological descendants of one or more of the following apical ancestors;

  • Belang (Bilanj, @Jinny);
  • Minnie and Tuumi;
  • Karitjabana and Ngilinj;
  • Kakaanj;
  • Mary Kuuban (Kuubanj);
  • Djurdilj and Djalbulj;
  • Djaruptjal and Tjupu;
  • Diamond and Lucy;
  • Linesman Jacob;
  • Wicker (Wika);
  • Peter Flynn;
  • Maggie and Jumbo; and
  • Polly Raylinya.

2) those persons adopted by the biological descendants in accordance with Ngadju tradition and customs.

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  • Graham on behalf of the Ngadju People v State of Western Australia [2014] FCA 1247
  • Graham on behalf of the Ngadju People (Ngadju Part B) v State of Western Australia [2017] FCA 795

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