Native Title Claimants (unregistered)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have made an application for the legal recognition of their native title rights and interests with the Federal Court and who have not fulfilled the requirements to be included on the Register of Native Title Claims.
signatories on their own behalf and on behalf of the Awabakal and Guringai People
Yalata People
Edward Ah Sam & others as the native title claimant for native title determination application QUD556/2015 (Mitakoddi and Maya People #5)
John Ashburton and others on behalf of the Puutu Kunti Kurrama People and the Pinikura People
Burdal Jilajaja, Burdal Kamanja, Burdal Mingkanyi, Burdal Marrgarani, Guyal Manaburru, Guyal Dumnyungatanyana, Guyal Wandanya, Murrungun Baluganda, Mambaliya Ngubayin/Binda, Mambaliya Nangkuya Estate Groups
Sam Dallachy, Norman Johnson, Duncan Johnson, Len Watson, Nathan Mooney and Gary Mooney on their own behalf and on behalf of the Native Title Group
Hughie Tjamie and Keith Minungka on behald of the Eringa No 3 Native Title Claim Group
Ngapurrpinkakujarra Group, the Yingawunari Group, the Narlwan Group, the Luwaja Group, the Tururrutpa Group, the Beregumayin-Ngarrajanaggu Group
Ngapurrpinkakujarra group, the Yingawunarri group, the Purrurruka group
The Ngapurrpinkakujarra group, the Narrwan group, the Walanypirri group, the Yingawunarri group, the Purrurruka group, the Yilyilyimarri group, the Japuwuny-Wijina group, the Bilnara group, the Wampana group
Barunggam People
Louis Boyd Toby and others on their own behalf and on behalf of the Gangulu Native Title Claim Group
Jetimarala People
Robert Vincent Browne and William Risk

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