A publicly elected body which has governing authority over a political unit.
Housing New Zealand Corporation
Ashley Youth Detention Centre
Attorney General of New South Wales
Black Economic Empowerment Advisory Council
Department of Conservation (NZ)
Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) (Cth)
Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (South Africa)
Department of Land Affairs (South Africa)
Department of Lands, Planning and Environment (NT)
Department of Minerals and Energy (South Africa)
Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts (NT)
Department of Public Works (South Africa)
Department of State and Regional Development (NSW)
Department of Trade and Industry (South Africa)
Deputy Premier of New South Wales
Ethridge Shire Council
Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Government of the Republic of Indonesia
Government of the Republic of South Africa
High Court of Australia1/01/1901
Land Information (New Zealand)
McKinley Shire Council
Ministry for Culture and Heritage (New Zealand)
Ministry of Economic Development (New Zealand)
Ministry of Fisheries (New Zealand)
Ministry of Maori Affairs (New Zealand)
Ministry of Social Development (New Zealand)
New Zealand Geographic Board
Police Force of the Northern Territory
State of Western Australia acting through the Minister for Mines and Petroleum
Taranaki Regional Council

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